How to Use an Air Compressor

An air compressor makes spray painting and driving air tools feel effortless. You can also inflate tires easily with an air compressor. The only challenge however is that using an air compressor isn’t really easy. You don’t just plug the machine and hold its gun. There are steps you need to learn before you can hold the compressor and spray paint a car effectively. Below we have the full guide for you including the important precautions you need to take before you can use the machine.

how to use an air compressor

What to have

  • Power supply
  • Power tools
  • Air Compressor Safety Goggles
  • Oil

Step One: Assemble the Machine

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, assemble the air compressor appropriately. It should take you less than thirty minutes to assemble it, unless there are important parts missing. Once done, connect the compressor’s hose to the regulator valve. After this, you can now check for oil and prepare to power all the things she said needed to be powered in your home. It should take you a couple of minutes to check for oil; but just ensure you do it. If you run the compressor at low oil you may end up damaging its engine.

Step Two: Connect to Power Source

Yes, air compressors don’t just operate with the air inside their reservoirs. Instead, they rely on power like any other machine. Plug your compressor to a three-pronged grounded outlet. Set its relief valve correctly and turn the machine on. This is also the correct time to put on your goggles. However, check that the valve that supplies the tank drain is switched on and that you have connected the compressor hose. Now set the compressor’s pressure according to the tool PSI as required. Be specific about this, as either exceeding or not using the required PSI may impact on the efficiency of its performance.

Step Three: Add Attachments as Necessary

Switching the air compressor on is only the easy part. But adjusting it to efficiently power all the things she said are not working in your home is actually difficult.  The good thing though is that air compressors work with attachments. You need to learn how to use these attachments if you are to become good at using your air compressor. Knowing how to use quick connect couplers for instance will help you change air tools fast and easier. Most air compressors also come with an inflation kit. Knowing how to use it enables you inflate tires, beach balls and other items faster. Here are other attachments and what they are great for.

  • Nail Gun – When driving a nail gun, position the compressor’s gun flat against the object getting nailed. This adds efficiency while it protects you from getting injured. But as we had earlier stated also, set the machine to produce pressure only enough for the type of nailing job you are handling.
  • Blo-gun – You use a blo-gun to blast dust away, blast grease or virtually anything else than may obstruct you before working on a surface. Blasting certainly produces a lot of dust and potentially harmful dirt, so ensure you are wearing your goggle at this time. And for better protection, don’t point the compressor’s gun towards your body while doing any blasting job.
  • Air Sander – If you want to power an air sander to eliminate rust in your house, do it. But just ensure you point the sander directly to the surface. In fact, the sander must touch the surface being worker on for efficiency and protecting yourself.
  • Air Stapler – Most people buy air compressors for the sake of such simple house jobs. Sometimes roof shingles get off, and you will need an air compressor to staple them back. But irrespective of what stapler you own, point it directly onto the surface that needs stapling. This way you make the most impact.
  • A Spray Gun – Chances are that you have already worked on other tools before getting to operate a spray gun with an air compressor. It requires skills to spray paint well after all. It also requires a strong compressor to spray paint a truck for instance, meaning you also need to learn what compressors are good for such jobs. As such, make sure to research about different spray guns and know which ones best suit for your job.
  • Impact Wrench – Impact wrenches are mainly used in assembly work. Fortunately, impact wrenches also come with instructions on how to use them while operating an air compressor. They shouldn’t give you a difficult time therefore.

Once done using the air compressor shut off its motor and unplug it. Bleed the air still inside the hose out. Open the compressor’s drain cock to release moisture and leave it that way until the next time you need to use your air compressor. If you think it will take time before using the machine, drain its oil also.

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