How to Steam Clean Carpets

Your good quality carpet is probably stain resistant. Despite this, carpets still get stained with oils and bacteria. Over time, these stains begin to discolor your carpet, cause unpleasant odors and fasten the carpet’s wear rate. Fortunately, steam cleaning can eliminate the stubborn stains and germs, but only if it is done by someone who knows what they are doing. Most people actually call professionals to do steam cleaning for them. But you can manage it on your own by following the following tips.

Buy a Top Rated Steam Cleaner

how to steam clean carpetsSteam cleaning is more complicated than most people imagine. For one, you need a good quality steam cleaner for the job. A good steam cleaner is one that can remove enough water and let the carpet dry in less than ten hours. It should also be easy to hold and powerful enough to extract all dirt and stains. The fact that steam cleaned carpets take long to dry is what worries many people. However, this shouldn’t be a concern actually. This is because it cleans easily without having to buy all the things she said are needed for your cleaning. All the same, here is how to steam clean properly.


For thorough cleaning, vacuum clean before your introduce your steam cleaner. This will help eliminate all the visible dirt particles and only leave the invisible hard to reach stains for the steam machine. Note to thoroughly vacuum clean actually. If possible, remove toys, books, floor lamps and anything that may hinder proper cleaning first. After that, vacuum clean your carpet in different angles to ensure all sides of the carpet fibers are thoroughly cleaned.

Test Your Cleaning Solutions

These days there are so many cleaning solutions for carpets that you can’t really know which ones to use. But at the end of it, you have to choose a cleaning solution to help add efficiency as you steam mop. In most cases, it is better to stick with the solutions recommended by the carpet manufacturer.  But even then, test the solution on hidden surfaces of your carpet before using it for the whole carpet. This will help assure you that the solution indeed betters cleaning efficiency.

Prepare for Steam Cleaning

As you did before vacuum cleaning, remove the toys, books on the floor and move furniture if possible. If it is not necessary to move your furniture, you can place aluminum foil at the edges of the seats to prevent exposure to steam. On the other hand, treat stains in the room before general seam moping. Some stains tend to stick harder when exposed to heat. Others are easier eliminated with normal solutions such as vinegar as opposed to steam.

Step One

Fill the Cleaner’s Reservoir with Hot water and add cleaning solutions as recommended by the manufacturer. If you think the manufacturer’s recommended products are inferior however, consider talking to a professional cleaner. Note however to write down the important things she said so that you can use them as tips for cleaning during other occasions you need to steam clean.

Step Two

When cleaning, start with the parts furthest from the door. It is similar to painting a floor. This way, you avoid dragging dirt in parts you have already cleaned. Note however that you will need to put more emphasis on the higher trafficked areas. The goal after all is to extract as much grime and stains as possible. As such, go over the carpet with your steamer for several times until you are certain you did a good job.

Step Three

Rinse out the cleaning solution. If not rinsed, cleaning solutions tend to attract soil particles back to your carpet. In fact; leaving the carpet before you rinse the solutions almost amounts to zero work. This is because cleaning solutions often stick with particles, and only after rinsing do you eliminate all stains and dirt from the carpet. Some people do add vinegar to their water while rinsing solutions. It helps deodorize the carpets while it eliminates the odors brought about by cleaning detergents.

Step Four

Switch on your dehumidifier and air conditioner to help dry your carpet. If your steam cleaner was modern and great, it should have sucked in excess water so that it takes fewer hours to dry the carpet. The time you steam mopped may however impact on how long it takes for the carpet to dry. During the summer for instance you probably won’t to switch on the dehumidifier.

In the end, steam cleaning should give you a spotless carpet. And with regular vacuum cleaning, you could stay for months before you think of steam cleaning again. However, people with pets will probably need to steam clean more often. A good steam cleaner doesn’t cost much anyway, meaning you can buy one and learn to steam mop regularly.

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