Installing a Garage Door Opener

So, you just bought a garage door opener? Do you know how to install it? If you don’t, you have come to the right place. In the next few minutes, we shall help you install a new door opener the professional way. Check our tips, and save the money you would have spent calling a professional to install the door opener for you.

Confirm That all Parts are Functioning

install a garage door openerIf you want your new garage opener to last for a long time, ensure that all the parts that work alongside it are functioning. Check the spring placed above the garage’s door. And if the garage has two doors, confirm that both of its springs are in good quality. If one of them is broken unfortunately, replace both of them. After all, if one spring is already broken, it will probably not take long before the other one wears out. Other parts worth checking are the door’s rollers and brackets. You should probably actually confirm the door’s rollers are in great condition before buying a new opener. In most cases, a broken roller is usually the cause of the annoying noise you hear as you open the door.

Test the Door’s Balance

You probably do this all the time. But do it once more before you install a new opener. Open the door and let it go at half way. If it stays still, then you the door’s balance is in check. If it moves up and down, something could have gone wrong. Actually if the door isn’t balanced you should call a professional to fix it. In most cases, the torsion spring is usually the problem, and you could hurt yourself by attempting to fix it.

Confirm You Have the Right Opener

You certainly wouldn’t make a mistake of buying an opener if you don’t know if it works. Would you? But just to confirm, a single garage door works with a 1/3 HP or ½ HP opener. For a double door opener, you should have a ½ or ¾ HP opener. Once you confirm the garage is fit, the style or make of the opener shouldn’t matter to you much. But if you are yet to buy the opener, here is some advice from you. If the things she said suggest you need a quiet door opener, invest in a belt drive. They may be more expensive, but their quiet operation will make everyone happy in your family. If you don’t have a big budget though, buy a screw-drive opener. They are less noisy than chain drives and are easier to maintain as well.

Also, if you’re not sure which type of the device is needed for your garage door, check out this site where you will find all the information regarding best garage door openers on the market and their reviews.

Position the Ladder

Using a slightly long ladder; position the ladder appropriately. Align the opener’s rail with the garage door’s center and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on assembling the opener. After that, mount the rail to the header bracket.  Set the opener firmly on the ladder as you measure angles and lengths to use. By now the door should also be open. This will make it easier to align the opener and the door’s center part.

Use Angle Iron to Hang the Opener

Yeah, the door opener does come with straps for this job. And you probably need money to buy all the things she said she needs before the end of the month. However, just buy good quality angle iron. Its quality and solidness will forever ensure there will be no vibration as the door opens or closes. A solid angle iron also helps extend the opener’s lifespan.

Install the New Components as Well

If you are replacing an old opener, replace everything. Remove the old wall button for instance and fix the new one. Remove the old wires and photoelectric eyes and install the new ones. The only time you don’t have to replace wires, is if they are connected inside your wall

Check the Opening Force

Once you install a new garage door opener, check if resists any slight touching. It should stop moving once you place your hand along its way for instance. But if it doesn’t, fine tune its opening and closing force. The screws for fine tuning the movement force may vary in location, but they aren’t difficult to spot. In most openers they are located on the front side. Fine tune them and ensure the door moves just fine.

Fixing the Door Reversion Problem

Before you pick you tools and go, check if this problem exists, Open the door for a couple of minutes and check if its changes directions midway. Well, it shouldn’t. The problem could be that the eyes need proper aligning or that the opening force isn’t adjusted properly. Check these problems and fix them.

Finally, invest in a good garage bulb that can handle the opener’s vibration. Note also to check for the wattage recommended by the opener’s manufacturer before buying the bulb.

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