How to Choose Which Pressure Washer to Buy

Different pressure washers handle different jobs. These machines are however categorized into two broad categories: electric powered and gas powered pressure washers. Electric powered models are often cheaper, lighter but less powerful in nature. Gas powered pressure washers on the other hand may be bulkier, noisy but more powerful. So, what pressure washer would you choose? Technically, buying a pressure washer can be complicated. But the following guide hopes to clear every challenge you may go through as you plan to buy a pressure washer.

Basics to Know

which pressure washer to buyIn any normal pressure washer, water gets in at a low pressure. But with the help of an engine or motor, the pressure washer drives water at a high pressure to serve the needs you have. The tip of a pressure washer is often thinner however. The tip may also be shaped into specific angles, just to help drive water in a way that you can clean effectively. With this in mind, you can buy a powerful machine that can handle all the things she said need to be cleaned at your compound

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers are quite popular these days. They are cheap and light. They can clean simple projects like clearing gutters, patio, furniture or your car. Usually, these machines use a motor that can be started with the flip of a switch. They are also likable with convenience features and gas free benefits. You can buy an electric pressure washer if the aforementioned benefits are what you need at your home. However, people who handle heavy duty jobs may not like these electric models. Their reliance to a power source with a built-in cord may also feel limiting for someone with a big fence or compound to clean.

Gas Pressure Washer

By now it should be clear that gas pressure washers are often more powerful than their electric model counterparts. Not all of them though, because the power in a pressure washer is majorly measured in PSI. As such, you can also find gas pressure washers than are slightly less powerful than electric models. Despite this, most tough cleaning jobs can best be handled by gas powered machines. But besides power, gas powered machines also offer better mobility. They don’t demand that you be close to a power outlet after all. On the flipside, gas powered pressure washers are noisier. They produce potentially harmful fumes and can fail to work in during cold temperatures.

Types of Pressure Washer Jobs Depending on PSI

Pounds per Square Inch or simply PSI rating is the biggest determining factor of how capable a pressure washer is. Usually, low PSI rating indicates the machine is suited for light duty jobs while very high PSI rating represents the heavy duty jobs. But to make things clear, continue reading.

  • 500-2000 PSI – Pressure washers with such ratings are best suited for light duty jobs. They are good for cleaning the simple things she said makes your home look attractive, if you know what I mean. Such things could be furniture, boats, patio, your siding, car, fence or a boat. Note that it is in this category where you will find most electric powered pressure washers.
  • 2000-2900PSI – Here you can find medium duty pressure washers. They are great for cleaning both light duty and medium duty jobs. They can also function well in small commercial workplaces where you clean fleets of cars. At home however, a medium duty pressure washer can clean a construction site effectively, do a better job on the deck, fence or drive way.
  • 3000+PSI – These are industrial grade pressure washers. Also known as heavy duty machines, they are simply the best at doing any cleaning job you may have in your home, at the workplace or in a company. In most cases, these pressure washers are also expensive. As such, they are best suited for professional and industrial use purposes only.

But besides the PSI rating, other factors important in a pressure washer include the water flow rate. It is measured in Gallons per Minute. Usually, the higher the flow rate, the better the cleaning. However, good water volume has to be accompanied by the PSI rating for efficient cleaning to be achieved. There are still other important features to check in a pressure washer. Consider the nozzle types for instance. Most modern pressure washers for instance now come with adjustable nozzle types to help clean different surfaces. Consider the type of cleaning you have and settle for a pressure washer with accompanying nozzle types.

On the other hand, you may want to check for convenience features. The presence of detergent injections for instance or onboard detergent tanks can help add efficiency while you clean all the things she said makes your home look less attractive. Finally, compare prices against value and settle for the best machine.

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